Summer Adventures

I hope you all enjoying your summer break. We would love to hear about what you are getting up to. Why don’t you try ticking off some adventures on the 50 things to do before you are 11 and 3/4:


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I hope you all have a relaxing break!

Blogging Challenge


Looking down at the grey, misty ground of the forest, I saw blueberries glistening like the moon. A weird, grubby stick with a small, pointed, yellow feather was placed firmly on top. But not ever noticed, was a sparkly green one was placed to one side! Abandoned. What might happen?

Blogging Challenge


Looking down, from a colourful party street a black bird came flying down onto the green, soft leaves. Above the clouds, I could see a boy partying like he was famous. Also I could hear the boys and girls enjoying the party.  They though that this would be the best night ever for them even the mums and dads enjoyed it as well.

From Where I Stand


One dark gloomy night, I walked on some crunchy leaves. “How did I get here and where am I?” Some cold dripping wet tears ran down my blushed cheeks. “I am so frightened. I want to go home. I just want to go!” I am poor and I have nowhere to go to sleep or to stay for the night. My feet are all soggy because the as shoes are not waterproof.

Blogging Challenge


I looked around, I could see the shiny cars speeding past the dusty path. Suddenly, I fell down a deep, dark and damp hole and I ended up in the York dungeons. I feel scared ! I went down the first tunnel and I saw a dead body. Then, I ran down another tunnel and it smelt really bad . Suddenly, I saw a door I went through it…